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Finca CLC (Complejo la Capea) founded in 1980 with a history of more than 37 years is the ideal place for international groups to know and put into practice our Spanish traditions with the help of great professionals.

Finca CLC (Complejo la Capea ) works with recognized agencies and tour operators, satisfied with the work done, for its quality, responsibility and professionalism of the Finca´s management.


1. Salons:
• Maestranza saloon.
• Vista Alegre saloon
• Monumental saloon.
• Rodeño saloon.
2. Bullrings:
• Partially-covered (Capacity of 800 people).
• Indoor or totally-covered (Capacity 350 people).
3. Cubas courtyard.
4. Horse yard.
5. Garden and coctail area.
6. Flamenco dancing room.
7. Parking for cars and coaches.


1. Equestrian and bullfighting shows:
• Garrocha fantasy (The management of cattle).
• Doma vaquera (Spanish horseriding style).
• High School (High school riding with flamenco).
• Handwork (Performance where a mounted horse rider Works with his horse wiht a long rein).
• Horse hitching (Horses different types of carriages).
• Bullfight show.
2. Bullfighting courses and lessons.
3. Bull trimmers (Men face to face with Bulls).
4. Flamenco initiation workshop.
5. Gastronomic courses:

• Paellas.
• Spanish omelette.
• Ham cutter.
• Introduction to flamenco.
• Spanish wine tasting.
6. Flamenco (Typical dance of Southern-Spain).
7. D.J
8. Private parking for cars and coaches.

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